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Inspecting My Property

Posted on 5 January 2012

Do you inspect the property at the beginning of a tenancy?

Your Property Manager makes a detailed Property Condition Report with photos to record the condition of your property before tenants move in. 

We inspect your property area by area (lounge room, bedrooms, kitchen, front and rear yards, garage etc) and then all items present in each area (walls, ceiling, light fittings, curtains, windows, stove etc). 

We record their condition and cleanliness item by item, and a brief description of item (e.g. details of any marks, scratches and dents).  We take photos outside, as well as inside the property (where required). 

We also itemise the chattels or you can give us a chattels list. Your tenant is given a copy of the report when they move in and have 10 working days to make any changes. 

How often do you inspect the property during the tenancy?

We inspect the property approximately every 3-4 months – this helps us to make sure your property is being looked after.  We let your tenants know 7 days before an inspection, and provide them with a form where they can note any maintenance issues or concerns.

The inspections allow us to check room-by-room that the tenant is keeping the property damage-free and reasonably clean, and can capture any maintenance issues that have not been reported.

We keep you informed with a written report including photos, and contact you if maintenance may cost more than $350.00. If the tenant has caused the damage, we will ask them to pay for repairs and follow-up reimbursement for you.

What about when the tenant vacates the property?

When the tenant lets us know they will be vacating, we send them detailed information on our expectations of how the property needs to be presented.

Final Inspections are completed on the next available working day after a Tenancy has ended.

On the next available working day after the tenant official vacating date, we complete a final inspection, comparing the property in detail to the Property Condition Report we did when the tenant moved into the property.

We carefully check through the report item-by-item, making sure it has been left in the same condition as when they moved in, taking into account reasonable wear and tear for the period of time they have been in the property. This is a legislative requirement.

We make sure the property has been left reasonably clean and check the smoke alarms.


Receiving My Rent Money

Posted on 5 January 2012

When do I get paid my rent?

We deposit your rental income into your bank twice every month, on the 1st and the 15th day of each month (or closest working day).

How do you collect the rent?

We always collect the rent by Automatic Payment 

What happens if my tenant does not pay the rent?

We have a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy for rent arrears.  Rent payments are checked every day and if a tenant does get behind in their rent payments, this is the process we follow:

1 Day Behind – we send a text message or phone to tell the tenant their rent is overdue and request immediate payment.

4 Days Behind – we send a letter advising the tenants that they are in breach of their obligations under the tenancy agreement and further action will be taken if their rent is not received.

7 days behind – we complete an Application for Order of the Tenancy Tribunal under S54 of the Residential Tenancies Act and advise the tenant via phone or text that we are lodging a court application today.  We visit the property to check for abandonment if we have been unable to contact the tenants.

In most cases, either the first or the second course of action will cause an immediate response or payment from the tenant (many tenants have a genuine reason for the lapse and are quick to remedy the problem).  

If we do have to terminate a tenancy, the time taken to achieve termination varies depending on the length of time the Tribunal takes to arrange a hearing. This is out of our control, and can be up to three weeks in some cases.  

Housemart request four weeks rent as bond – this is the maximum amount we can request under the Residential Tenancy Act, so we can at least minimise any shortfall.


Pets at My Property

Posted on 5 January 2012

If I Allow Dog/s At My Property, What Expectations Will Be Given To The Tenant?

If you decide to allow pets at your property, we always use a pet clause in our agreement with your tenant:


  • No additional pet may occupy the property without prior permission.
  • It can be stipulated that the pet may not come inside the property.
  • The pet must be removed from the property if it becomes annoying to neighbours (after reasonable warning has been given in writing).
  • The tenant must be responsible for any damage caused by their pet, and remove any rubbish or pet droppings.
  • The pet clause stipulates that the carpets must be professionally cleaned when the tenant vacates your property.
  • We also record the details of the pet on the agreement, which is then signed by the tenant.

How Do I Ensure The Pet Will Not Come Inside The Property?

The tenant makes a commitment in writing that they will not bring the pet inside. However as we are unable to monitor the property all of the time, we cannot guarantee that the pet will not come inside the property.

We do look out for any warning signs when we are at the property conducting inspections. But the only way to ensure no pets will come inside the property is to insist ‘No Pets’ right from the start of the tenancy.



Property Presentation

Posted on 5 January 2012

How Should The Property Be Presented?

To get the right tenant for your property, it must be presented in the best possible light. That means your property needs to be spotlessly clean, with any repairs and maintenance completed. We’ve all heard the cliché “first impressions last”, and in our experience they do!  So it’s also a good idea to have the outside of your property looking tidy and well maintained, as well as the interior.

How Clean Should The Property Be When A New Tenant Moves In?

Tenancy legislation requires that the property should be presented ‘reasonably clean’.

As a guide, we ask the tenant to leave the property at the standard they found the property – so if it starts spotlessly clean, it’s more likely to be left that way!

However in the case of a dispute, legally we can only enforce that the tenant return the property to a ‘reasonably clean’ condition, this being their minimum legal obligation.


The Marketing of My Property

Posted on 5 January 2012

What Do You Do To Advertise My Property?

Once we have a signed Management Agreement authorising us to act on your behalf, we list your property in the following forms of advertising:

  1. Newspaper - We advertise your property along with all our available property listings in the Upper Clutha Messenger.  Our ad is placed with details of your property and the rental amount.
  2. Property Rentals Handout - Your property is added to our Rental listings handout.  The list is updated daily and includes a photo and details of your property. This is given to anyone that comes in to our offices looking for a rental property.
  3. Window Display – your property is advertised in our window display, allowing easy access after hours.
  4. Internet - Your property along with photos is placed on the following websites, maximising coverage for any tenant using the Internet to locate a rental property.

    a)    The National Housemart website www.housemart.co.nz
    b)    www.trademe.co.nz
    c)    www.realestate.co.nz