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Moving in

Paying your rent

Your rent is always payable weekly in advance by Automatic Payment. When you sign your Tenancy Agreement, we will ask you to setup an AP with your bank. This must be setup in time for your second week's rent payment.

If, for any reason, you are not able to make your rent payment by the due date, contact our office immediately.

If you get behind in your rent, we will issue a breach notice to you, and if the breach is not rectified within 14 days, we may have no alternative but to take action to terminate your tenancy.

Contents Insurance

For your own protection, we strongly recommend you take out individual contents insurance.  Check with the insurer that this includes a component for tenant liability.  Insurance companies may sue you for any damage caused (fire etc) even though the property owner has house insurance.  Take a look at the Department of Building and Housing suggestions: What insurance do I need?

Services & Utilities

At the beginning of your tenancy, it’s up to you to have the electricity, gas and telephone connected and transferred to your name.

When you leave, it is your responsibility to arrange final meter readings and disconnection of these services as well as a having your mail re-directed to your new address.

Fast Connect offers a service that can help make the job a little easier, by arranging all your untility connections in one step.  Visit Fast Connect

Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Unless stated as a special condition in your Tenancy Agreement, all lawns and gardens are your responsibility.  We have some preferred contractors that we can recommend if you want to employ a helping hand.

Routine Inspections

We inspect all the rental properties under our management every three months during a tenancy. Tenants are given written notice before a routine inspection.

At routine inspections, some of the items we check include:

  • Lawn and garden maintenance.
  • The general appearance and tidiness of the interior and exterior of the property.
  • How clean you have kept the oven and grill, bathrooms, toilets, carpets/floor coverings, light fittings, bench tops and surfaces, exhaust fans, mirrors, curtains, windows etc.

We ask you to present your home in a clean and tidy condition as we do photograph the property and send photos and a report to the owner.

This is a great time to let us know of any repairs and maintenance that might need to be done, and to check your smoke alarm batteries.