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Moving Out

Moving out- Fixed Term Tenancy

When you are coming to the end of your fixed term tenancy, we will drop you a line to confirm whether you would like to renew your tenancy. 

We will talk with the property owner and you to find out which tenancy will suit best for your renewal, or organise the Final Inspection if you are moving on.

Leaving before my Fixed Term Tenancy Expires
When you sign a Fixed Term Tenancy agreement, you are legally responsible for the rent payments until the expiry date of the Tenancy Agreement.  You cannot give notice to leave, unless you have reached the agreement expiry date.

If you want to leave your property before your Fixed Term Tenancy expires, then please contact us.  The owner of the property may allow us to try to find new tenants for your property to take over the rest of your tenancy.  There will be an advertising and administration fee, and you are liable for the rent up to when the new tenant can actually move in – this includes the 2 days we always allow between tenancies.

Moving out- Periodic Tenancy

If you would like to leave your property, and you have signed a Periodic Tenancy agreement, you must give 21 days’ notice in writing – an email is fine.  Or you can download our Notice to Vacate form, complete and return it to our office.

What if I want to leave earlier than the 21 days notice period?
You will be responsible for the rent for the 21 day notice period unless we are able to secure suitable new tenants who wish to move in to the property sooner. 

My flatmate is leaving, but I am staying on and have found a new flatmate.
Your new flatmate will need to fill in an application form.  We  run credit checks and ask the owner to approve the new flatmate.  You will all need to sign a new tenancy agreement, and there is an administration fee to change.  The flatmate who is leaving will also want their portion of the bond back – so it’s a bit of a curly one!  Contact us and we can help explain the process, and give you the correct form to sign over the bond.

Moving Out

Once you have agreed a moving out date with us, we will start to advertise your property - we work hard to minimise the time that it is vacant.  We very much appreciate your help in allowing prospective tenants to view the property. 

We will always notify you before any viewing unless you have instructed us otherwise, and a Property Manager from our office will be present at every appointment.

Final Inspection Guide

Your final inspection will be booked for the first working day after your moving out date. 

Please let us know as soon as possible if you want to be present at this inspection.  If we don’t hear from you, your Property Manager may adjust the time on this date to fit around other appointments.  

Property Condition Report & Chattels
When you originally moved into the property you were given a Property Condition Report. If your property is furnished, you were also given a Chattels List. Check these reports and make sure that the property is left in the same condition as when you moved in, and all chattels are accounted for.

These are the reports that we use for the Final Inspection, and to decide your bond refund – so it makes sense to be on the same page!

Personal Effects & Cleaning
When you move out of a property, there will be new clients moving in soon, or sometimes the owner is moving back or the property has been sold. In each case, the property must be presented in a spotlessly clean condition, with all personal items removed.  We will give you a Final Inspection Checklist to help you prepare for your Final Inspection – if you follow the checklist, you should be able to avoid any extra costs deducted from your bond (like professional cleaners, or repairs for any damage).


Automatic Payment
Don’t forget to contact your bank to cancel your automatic rent payment before the date you are leaving the property. Often your final rent payment is for only part of a week, so we will calculate the part payment.  Please contact our Housemart office to finalise your rent and be sure you don’t pay too much!

Keys & Garage Remote Controls
All keys and remotes must be returned to our Housemart office on the date agreed (the day you are to leave the property). All keys noted on your tenancy agreement, and keys for any new locks you have installed during the tenancy must be returned in order to get your bond refund.

Bond Refund
In order for your bond refund to be processed as quickly as possible, everyone who signed the original bond form must sign the bond refund form – we will send this refund form to you to fill in. You can return this form to our office or give it to your Property Manager at your Final Inspection. Do not enter any $ value amounts on this form - your Property Manager will complete these details with you after the final inspection.

Utilities: Phone, Electricity, Gas, Garden Maintenance
Contact your suppliers and arrange for these services to be disconnected on the day you move out - or you can contact Fast Connect to transfer your accounts.

Mail Redirection
Visit New Zealand Post to arrange for your mail to be re-directed to your new address. 


We value your feedback and do our best to act on it too! Thank you for taking the time to give us your suggestions and any ideas you may have to improve our service at Housemart. Complete our survey for a chance to win a bottle of wine


If you would like a written reference to help you secure rental accommodation in the future, we are happy to provide one after your Final Inspection – please ask your Property manager or contact our office.